Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Turning 24...

I was once again excited for my birthday this year!  It snuck up on me...but I was ready to celebrate when it came.  Bryce gave me my present probably 2 weeks before my birthday - a new personalized ipad case - and I was so mad at him for not being able to wait so I could have a surprise on my birthday!  So he rebuttled saying he would plan 10 surprises for me and I didn't argue with that. 

Surprise #1 - Bryce took the day off!  This is very rare as he works 4 days a week and has school 2 days a week.

Surprise #2 Breakfast at Ruth's diner!  We love this little gem up the canyon.  The breakfast there is SO good.  We've since gone there to dinner with our friends and it was delicious as well.  Basically you can't go wrong if you go there.  We got to eat outside and the weather was gorgeous.

Surprise #3 A trip to Utah's natural history museum.  It's the new one by our apartment and we've always wanted to go there.  Entry is free with our U cards so we checked it out.  It's pretty sweet!  The view was my favorite

Surprise #4 A trip to the zoo - I was very excited for this, but even more excited when I learned that...

Surprise #5 My nephews were coming!  Along with my SIL & BIL to join us.  That was really fun

Surprise #6 I got to go to the mall and pick out something fun to buy - I love when you can make guiltless purchases

Surprise #7 Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory - my favorite!  And even better when...

Surprise #8 Our friends, The Shermans, came down from up north to join us!  We have so much fun with them

Surprise #9 I kind of knew about this one because I'd asked for it...but watching an outdoor movie @ my dad's house.  We watched Stardust - I think this is such a great movie

and finally, Surprise #10 - my sister was there to watch the movie with us.  I NEVER see my sister.  She is so busy working and living downtown having a great time that it's hard to ever get her schedule to match up with mine.  This was a great birthday surprise and I'm SO glad Bryce knew me well enough to coordinate such a good one. 

I would definitely rank this as one of my top birthday days thanks to my husband Bryce who is just the best.  We were so tired after all of it that sleeping in on Saturday was pretty sweet as well!  Here's to being 24!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Lauren! Sorry we weren't there to celebrate- but it sound like Bryce did a great job celebrating!

  2. We loved going to the zoo with you that day!!! What a great birthday!