Sunday, August 24, 2014

San Fran - a trip to remember

A trip to remember!  Even more memorable was the week leading up to this trip.  Lucy had a fever on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but no other symptoms until the throwing up started on Wednesday.  By that night I was really worried - she was so sick and I couldn't figure out why!  This is why being a nurse can make you crazy sometimes - you think you know everything ha ha.  Thursday morning we went to the doctor and Lucy was even more sick and dehydrated.  They said she needed an IV & fluids.  The worst moments of my life followed as the IV took 3 attempts and I had to hold my screaming baby down along with 3 other people.  The doctor finally had success and my prayer was answered.  The fluid went in great and Lucy even perked up in the short amount of time.  Then they said okay we need a urine sample and we will just catheterize her really quick.  Hasn't this girl been through enough?  So again I had to hold her down and watch attempt after attempt after attempt with no success.  I couldn't believe it.  Lucy acted like she'd been tortured for 3 hours when they finally just sent us home to wait for a urine sample.  I made it to the car when I was finally able to just sob uncontrollably for a few minutes.  Being a parent and going through that was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  I have so much more empathy for parents watching their children go through test after test when their kids are hospitalized or have chronic illnesses.  It's so difficult - especially when they don't understand at all that everything you are doing is for their good.  It just hurts and they want it to stop.  We then waited 6 hours for Lucy to was the worst.  She was still throwing up, but also restless, yet wouldn't leave my lap - it was rough.  When she peed we cheered and brought her back to the doctor where we finally received a diagnosis.  Bladder infection.  I had my suspicions that's what it could've been (between me and google), but she wasn't displaying the exact symptoms to make me 100% convinced.  They gave her 2 shots of antibiotics right then and there (again as if she hadn't been through enough) and sent us home with a prescription and such relief that we knew WHAT was wrong and that our little girl was going to get better.  Thank you prayer and modern medicine.  One thing about kids is that they get sick fast, but they also get better fast.  And for that I am so grateful!  It might sound selfish, but we were really hoping Lucy would get better because we were leaving Sunday for San Francisco.  Of course if she'd been sick I would've stayed home with her and ate the cost of we were just glad that she was definitely feeling good enough to go when it was time to leave.
I was trying hard to be a strong momma!  She was not a happy camper as you can imagine

Crackers, apple juice, & Curious george - her first snack in 2 days!

This was her by the late evening - already feeling better!
Our flight left Sunday morning and we got into San Francisco pretty early.  I didn't really know what to expect, but I definitely picked up on a unique vibe to the place.  We loved eating at the one of a kind restaurants - I get really sick of the chains!  We had a grilled cheese at one local place that was made with ricotta cheese and had a layer of strawberry jam.  I was quite blown away!  And it's just food ha ha.  We were able to do a bay cruise and see the Golden Gate bridge, check out the sea lions on Pier 39, eat some grub at Hard Rock, and that night Lucy and I danced in the streets ha ha.  She is quite the city baby! 

On the bay cruise - the top of the boat spot lasted .2 seconds before the wind was literally going to blow us away so we had to go down below ha ha

When you have a baby you get on the plane first!  Which I'm not sure if it's helpful because it's more time you are stuck in one place trying to entertain them ha ha, but Lucy did really well

The sea lions were definitely a family favorite!  They are quite the characters - and according to Lucy they say "woof" ha ha

My little buddy at the Hard Rock! We let her have fries & more apple juice. We really felt bad she'd been so sick and actually lost weight. We let her go for it on this trip!
Lucy loves to dance!  If she hears music, as we often would walking around, she would want to spin in circles and wave her arms in the air.  It's so cute.  So I would be her dancing partner! 
Bryce was sent on this trip for a work conference so Lucy & I would get up first thing, go play and play, come back and turn the room pitch black so we could nap for about 2 hours, then Bryce would wake us up and we would go out and play some more!  Ha ha it was quite the adventure.  Lucy is my travel buddy & I was able to do pretty much whatever I wanted.  She attracts a lot of attention too so I talk to more people then I ever would by myself.  On Monday we went to the aquarium and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  That was nice because Lucy could walk around and see everything without getting trampled.  I thought the octupus was pretty cool and Lucy loved the playful river otters.  That night we went shopping in Union Square & Chinatown.  I definitely could've skipped out on Chinatown.  I thought it was so odd & more than anything sketchy ha ha.  Bryce & I just blazed on through not really seeing much to look at!

Octupus - so weird to watch it move everywhere

The river otters also say "woof"

My unimpressed face ha ha

Let's get outta here!

Tuesday we went to the YB Gardens in downtown San Fran.  It was fun to see some actual greenery amongst all the buildings.  Lucy rode her first carousel and they had a children's play area complete with an awesome gym and maze.  We had a lot of fun at this place!  That night was the Giant's game.  My first MLB experience.  We tried the famous garlic fries - waaay too much garlic for our taste, but still tried them.  It was a very cool setting & atmosphere - we had a great time!
At the gardens

She learned how to say "horse" after this experience - she thought it was very fun!

2 of the cutest Giant's fans I've ever seen

Riding the Muni - we don't look like tourists at all do we?  Ha ha

AT&T park was right on the water!  It was a beautiful evening for a ball game

Lucy's first baseball game certificate - I'm so the mom who makes Bryce get things like these ha ha
Wednesday I took a long bus ride and only got a little lost to Golden Gate Park.  After getting a little nervous and a long walk later I found where I'd meant to get us.  We checked out where J.Lo's movie Wedding Planner was filmed and then to the California Academy of Science.  One of the coolest museums I've ever been to.  There was so much to do.  They even had a baby area for kids under 5 that Lucy and I got to check out for awhile.  I'm a nerd and like to go to museums so I was happy with this place.  That night we did some more walking around the city and checked out Ghiradelli.  I wasn't super impressed with the area/square/shopping, but the ice cream sunday definitely impressed me.  I was a pretty happy girl after that!
Lucy has ridden a bus more than most people ha ha that's how we like to get around the cities we visit

On the bridge in the baby area - she thought it was pretty neat

Patiently waiting for our sundae - the whole place smelled delicious

I love this husband of mine!

All happy with a tummy full of ice cream & hot fudge!  That's my girl
For our final day Lucy & I went to a place called the Exploritorium.  It was seriously a kid's dream place.  It's full of tinkering   I was super entertained as well, but it was a little over Lucy's head.  She still found things she liked though.  We ate fruit & doughnuts at the farmer's market until Bryce was done before we did some last minute sight seeing & eating.  Then it was time to go home!  Lucy was so funny on the flight home wearing her giant headphones, watching Frozen, & eating cheerios.  She sat perfectly still the entire way home.  It was tough getting back to reality - we needed another vacation to relax after playing so hard!  Bryce had a great experience at his conference too...until next time!
Conducting electricity...

Playing with sound waves

A great flier!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lucy's 1st birthday!

I loved when Lucy turned 1!  I could spend time being sad about her growing up, but I don't want to waste a minute of my time being sad.  There's only time to be happy about it!  I was really excited to celebrate her 1st birthday.  I went from thinking there would be an extremely elaborate party, then to thinking just Bryce and I watching her eat cake, and finally to a moderately themed/funded party with our family and closest friends.  I'm so glad it ended up the way it did!  Her 1st birthday really was for me.  I've felt more and more like a mom as the year went on - it definitely did not hit me the day she was born besides the actual being told I was her mom, and she was mine.  It really was a growing experience with each month.  I remember before her 1 year doctor's appointment having her dressed, fed, diaper changed, bag packed, paperwork together and in the car in no time at all and checking in at the doctor's office 10 minutes before her appointment.  I was thinking to myself "did that just happen?"  Wasn't it just a year ago that I had to start getting organized 2 hours before the appointment, juggling breastfeeding, spit ups, diapers, changing outfits multiple times, and I still showed up late to her doctor's appointment covered in sweat, spit up, and something that barely resembled a ponytail??  Not that life goes off without a hitch these days or anything, but I just felt like I'd really settled into my roll after a year, FINALLY!  Ha ha.  At least I feel like I have a handle on things, and I can live and grow with that. 

My happy girl!

The "stink face" that lasted about a month - it just made everyone laugh!

She was so good at her photo shoot - a little nervous at first, but then she warmed up

How did I get so lucky?

Outfit change - she's giving this smile because she's looking at her daddy!

Lucy truly is an amazing little girl (I don't really say baby anymore which is weird) and such a huge part of our family.  She may be small, but her personality shines big.  I'm so grateful she is healthy and developing at an appropriate pace.  Not that I would ever love her any different if not, but I worry enough as it is so I'm grateful that those things aren't added to my plate right now.  She's SUCH a mama's girl sometimes it's painfully so.  But how could I not like it?  Since I'm the mom ha ha.  She sometimes puts her arms around my neck and squeezes so tightly and then smashes her face right against mine and seems like if she could get any closer she again, not complaining.  

My favorite thing right now is how FAST she walks.  She seriously hauls.  I can pretty much walk at my usual pace and she keeps right up with me while pushing her stroller herself ha ha it's quite a sight.  She's very coordinated!  She wants to talk, I can tell, but she's found that pointing and grunting over and over gets her what she wants, so why learn the words part?  I can't wait to hear all the thoughts that must be going through her head.  When she is on one and just jabbering away I'm very entertained!  I nod my head and respond and encourage her to keep going, asking her "and then what happened?" because I just don't want it to stop! 

Her birthday party was the highlight of my May month - even with Bryce's birthday, graduation, and our anniversary ha ha.  It was a great month overall don't get me wrong, but just the fact that it was my 1st kid's 1st birthday was such a special occasion.  We had the party in our clubhouse and I was so glad everyone was able to make it!  Especially because I've seriously needed and relied on ALL of them at some point this past year and everyone has had such a big impact on mine and Lucy's life.  

Lucy was a doll opening up her presents

We had to help her get into her cake - but once she got started she loved it
Lucy and I decorated the clubhouse and picked up the amazing cake.  It was beautiful and delicious so you can't ask for more!  I only regretted that it was destroyed and I couldn't pass out a handful to everyone else to try ha ha only Lucy and I got a real taste of how good it was.  We had everyone help out with dinner, then Lucy was delightful as she opened her presents, and finally the cake smash for the grand finale.  I actually thought it was even cuter after when the only choice was to rinse the cake off in the sink and she thought getting sprayed down was the world's greatest thing!  We couldn't have asked for a happier and more delightful birthday girl.  She loved showing everyone her presents and trying to pick them up, even the heaviest ones.  I wouldn't say she annihilated her cake or anything, she was very dainty about it.  But she definitely loved the sugar and was mad when I took it away!  Everyone said she might be grumpy the next day, like a sugar hangover I guess, but she actually slept in longer than ever and woke up with the world's biggest smile.  I think it was her way of saying having sugar everyday was just fine with her! 

Lucy loves her grandpa!
 Like I said, the rest of the month was nonstop, and we even had our first overnighter kid-free (yay grandparents) and I couldn't get over the fun memories we were making and how blessed we were.  Thanks to Lucy for being such a good girl and shaping me constantly towards becoming a better mommy!            

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lulu Bug is 9 months!

I have a 9 month old!  This kid of mine - she is one of a kind.  Every month I say "this is my favorite age" because the point is just - she is my favorite.  Bryce and I are so blessed to have Lucy sent to our family.  I express gratitude every day that she's happy & healthy - and so stinkin' cute!  My cousin wrote about her daughter in a post like this and I thought it was so sweet.  I want to remember every moment with my Lulu!

  • LOOKS:  Like her daddy!  With her mommy's hair color - so far her hair is stick straight, something I've never experienced so she won't have much help from me - frizzy/wavy/blah type hair ha ha
  • Mom's eyebrows (sorry Luce) and Bryce's cheeks - I want to EAT them and I usually kiss them 100+ times daily
  • Usually always has a headband on her head - her mom is a little obsessed
  • Big blue doe-eyes!  They are quite captivating and beautiful
  • She's tall!  No surprise there - she's the spawn of 2 giants
  • Long legs, but just enough chub on her thighs that it's adorable
  • No teeth - I love her toothless grin
  • You'll always find her in a drool-soaked onsie - even though as mentioned there are no teeth
  • Her belly button looks like it pokes out really far and it's because she has an umbilical hernia
  • She squints her eyes when she's nervous - almost like she thinks closing her eyes makes the person who's making her nervous disappear ha ha
  • Smiles constantly!

  • SOUNDS:  Most of the sounds she makes are very low - even her cry is a low pitch (from her mom)
  • She loves to hear herself growl
  • She loves blowing bubbles
  • Her favorite sounds to make are "mamamama" and "dadadada"
  • She's definitely one for the drama and has her whining perfected - she knows what she wants and when she wants it (everything and right now)
  • She's started a "machine gun" laugh that reminds us of the minions on Despicable Me, it's hilarious and she knows it
  • She likes when mom or dad sings to her
  • She's obsessed with grandpa Bart's guitar and has sat there perfectly still while he's put on multiple private concerts for her - such a groupie!
  • You won't hear much crying from her, she has her bad days, but she's usually content
  • A giggle that melts my heart and time seems to stop for a moment

  • SMELLS: Like baby!  Oh it's heavenly.  I just bury myself in her neck and smell her all the time
  • Dreft - I'm a sucker for this laundry detergent
  • At night she smells like lavender lotion - she HATES having lotion put on (sad for me), but when she's calm and I can get some on her, it reminds me of a peaceful and calm bedtime
  • Sad to say, but after wearing socks all day she gets a mild case of stinky feet (from Bryce) but I still love her baby toes
  • Baby breath - I love it because it's not bad since she doesn't have teeth
  • Her baby soap makes her smell so clean and she LOVES taking baths!

  • FEELS: Her skin is so soft and smooth
  • Sharp fingernails - I swear I trim them, but the next day they're long again
  • The perfect sized person I can carry on my hip everywhere
  • Warm and cuddly as she's learning to give "loves" and snuggles

  • TASTES: Like sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, squash, yogurt, rice cereal, and applesauce - her favorites and they always end up all over face!
  • Like salty tears that spill on her cheeks when she misses her mom (even though I'm in the room next to her)
  • Adorable as she's starting to give kisses! (open mouth head bumps)

Yes eating a lemon and liking it...
  • ACTS:  Such a pleasant demeanor - I never worry about taking her anywhere because she's easy going
  • Loves to crawl around after me and climb up my legs - she's my little puppy 
  • She's friendly and loves meeting babies
  • She flirts!  It's so cute to see her make eyes at boys, shy away, but then peek back at them to make sure they're still there
  • She's super observant and loves to look around when we go to new places
  • She loves playing peek-a-boo, reading/playing with books, being silly with dad, being tickled, and walking everywhere she can with you holding her hands
  • Super curious, but very cautious...I like it!

I could never have imagined having such an awesome kid - she truly completes our family and it's so fulfilling being her parent.  I can't believe her 1st birthday is so close, I'll probably blink and it will be here.  Lucy and I are just having too much fun!  It's the best.