Friday, December 28, 2012

Mommy-to-be update

I'm obviously not the first woman to be pregnant nor the last, but since it is my first time it is definitely new and extremely exciting for me!  I'm past the half way mark and very grateful to be feeling MUCH better than I was in the beginning.  In fact, I can honestly say people were right that I would "forget" those weeks and weeks of nausea and feeling absolutely sick and not myself 24/7.  I'm very happy they were right about that. My favorite part of being pregnant right now is feeling my baby move inside me as well as my hair growth (on my head).  I've never had my hair this long and I'm loving it.  Of course my least favorite part is no surprise, watching my body change is hard and I'm missing super intense workouts where I would sweat my guts out & sometimes take a peek at my abs after and "visualize" the toned muscles.  Not doing that anymore :).  But I know it's going to be worth it!  So I can't complain.  I guess I will throw in an update about working - I've recently given my 2 weeks notice to my 2 jobs and am condensing down to one job which is Mon-Friday 9-5.  I'm very excited about this because 1) I won't be working nights (this has been much harder on me since being pregnant), 2) I will be driving 10 minutes to get to work instead of 40 and 3) I'll still be working for the U of U and they are such a great employer.  I'm very excited about this opportunity!  The moment that stands out to me most on this journey was our ultrasound to see our baby on 12/12/12.  Here are my favorite pics....
Finding out it's a girl!  I honestly couldn't believe it.  I just knew so many people having girls and thought that I would have a boy to even out the population ha ha.  I was just wanting a healthy baby and when we learned it was a girl we were ecstatic.  We have had two ultrasounds and they both told us 100% it's a girl so I'm pretty confident.  I feel so lucky!

Check out that long gangly leg!  Just like her mom!  It'll be perfect when she's standing at the center of kickline :)

I don't know why I just love this picture of her spine.  It makes it seems so real to me that she has perfect vertebrae with itty bitty little discs lined up like that.  She's just perfect.

And finally the infamous profile - I personally think everyone's looks the same, but this one is special because it's my baby's!  Again I'm just grateful she's healthy and growing on track and I bet she'll be super cute too.  
We had the most amazing Christmas!  Baby Bagley got more presents then Bryce or I did ha ha, everyone is just so excited and it's awesome.  She already has a closet full of pink which I really wanted to avoid, but it seems we can't avoid it ha ha.  I've cleaned out her room and now I guess it's time to shop, shop, shop!!  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The day I discovered...

The day I found out I was pregnant.  I will NEVER forget this day.  Monday, August 27, 2012 to be exact.  Some of this might be TMI, but there are certain things that cue women to think they might be pregnant so you are forewarned!  I was "late" two weeks before this so I tested a couple times that week and nada.  So I cursed my irregularity and went on my merry way.  Sunday night I was having pretty bad cramps and thought - okay tomorrow is the day.  Monday morning curiosity got the best of me and I said what the heck let's take a test (one of the benefits of working at a medical facility that has those things lying around).  I thought I gave it a good amount of time, but it was probably 30 seconds because I had to get back to work ha ha and it was not showing a positive.  I went on with my day, but 5 minutes or so went by and I just had this gut feeling to go back and check.  So I go and look at the bottom of the trash can - and there it is, my positive test!  I was shocked.  I broke out in a sweat and was shaking instantly.  I wrapped up the test and couldn't help but tell the women I work with because they're my favorite.  It was so fun to see all of their unique reactions.  I kept my mouth shut the entire day and waited for Bryce to get home at 8:30 that night.  It was good for me to process the HUGE LIFE ALTERING concept as well as buy more tests at the dollar store to confirm this finding.  When Bryce got home he was starving and he'd had good news at work so I said we could go out to eat, but first I wanted to say prayers.  He complied with my request, but I knew he thought I was crazy.  I said the usual things and concluded with asking a blessing "on the baby growing inside of me"...amen....long pause.  I open my eyes and he's dumb founded, yet smiling, yet scared, and beaming all at the same time.  It was amazing!  His reaction was perfect and I loved it.  Then he just shouts "We're going to the Olive Garden!" ha ha as if that is some place you go to after finding out these sorts of things.  So there we went and there we laughed, talked, giggled, joked, and cried about our exciting life coming to us sometime around May 4, 2013 :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mexico 2012

We're back!  After 7 days in paradise we are back to reality.  We went to Riviera Maya in Mexico the first week of October.  It's right between Cancun and Playa and we stayed at an all inclusive adults only resort.  It's the way to go!  We had great weather all but one of the days.  We went shopping, relaxed, swam a ton, ate a lot of course, and even went to see some Mayan ruins.  It was the best trip ever!

Outside on our balcony

LOVED playing in the ocean.  The water was super warm
White sand & blue water.  The ocean was full of giant fish that swam all around me.  I screamed constantly and jumped on Bryce's shoulders causing quite a scene, but of course they were friendly.  People would bring bread out into the water to cause them to swarm all around them.  Yuck.
These giant lizards were everywhere!
There was wildlife to be found all over our resort.  These giant lizards liked to bake on the rocks.  They gave me the creeps.  We'd see racoons & other mammals wandering about.  My friend Emily will enjoy the last picture of a GIANT spider we found walking into our building.  Again I was terrified.  It's a blessing I was not born in a tropical place.
Bryce with his friend shopping in Playa
Shopping in Playa was a lot of fun!  It's about 40 blocks of shopping.  We walked ALL the way down and ALL the way back.  We were beat!  It gets old being yelled at constantly that things are "almost free" or "we have just what choo looking for!".  We got hungry once & I was SO skeptical of every shop or restaurant so I made Bryce get me Mcdonald's fries & ice cream.  Gotta love the reliablity of good 'ol mcdonalds :).

Mr. Senor Frog

I love my bright colored New York shirt, but note to self everyone & I mean everyone will yell & ask you if you are from New York & you can be heckled even more than you already were :)
Ready for a nice night out!
The restaurants were a lot of fun!  There were about 8 different ones to go out and try & they didn't require a reservation or anything.  You also had to dress up which was kind of fun.  My top 2 were the steak house & the Japanese restaurant.  The steak house was surprisingly amazing as well as the Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you like Tepanyaki/Bonsai here in the states.  My favorite part was getting up to leave right after we were done eating - felt like I was dining & dashing every night!
This is as close as I would get to the big lizard...
Yes I did get sunburned & yes I did regret it...
Ready for a day of sightseeing...

One of the oldest churches in Mexico

Swimming in a 120 foot deep natural well/cave.  Freezing and exhilarating!
I was so scared to swim in this well.  It was deep & the thought of some creature seeing my toes & swimming up from the bottom to swallow me just wouldn't leave my mind.  I held onto the rope at all times!  It was cool we tried this though since it's natural & can't really do it anywhere else.
Ropes to hang on to

Chichen Itza

After a LONG bus ride we arrived at the Chichen Itza ruins.  We had an interesting tour guide that filled us in on the fun facts & crazy creepy sacrificing going on.  As well as the famous Mayan calender that does NOT say the world is going to end.  It just starts over...kind of like when our calender rolled over into 2000.  We're experts on the subject now if you have more questions :).  There were lots of buildings to check out & another natural well that was considered sacred to see.  There was a big arena where the Mayans played a game against eachother & either the winner or the loser was sacrificed - that fact remains unclear ha ha. 
Sad day - you're not allowed to climb up the steps anymore

This is where the royalty sat to watch the games.  Bryce told me to pose like I was the queen so there you go :)

And for the grand finale...the spider that took my breath away.  The worst was when it started crawling - haunts my dreams.

Thanks fam for the rides to the airport!  It was a much needed vacation & I'm so glad we just went ahead & did it.  It's true that you can really let time get away from you talking about how you're going to take that grand vacation "some day".  Although our time in Mexico was so fun I really am so grateful for America.  It's sad how much I missed American dessert!  Holy cow we know how to use sugar.  It's just nice to live where we do & feel so safe & drink the water and understand what everyone is saying.  I love the USA. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Turning 24...

I was once again excited for my birthday this year!  It snuck up on me...but I was ready to celebrate when it came.  Bryce gave me my present probably 2 weeks before my birthday - a new personalized ipad case - and I was so mad at him for not being able to wait so I could have a surprise on my birthday!  So he rebuttled saying he would plan 10 surprises for me and I didn't argue with that. 

Surprise #1 - Bryce took the day off!  This is very rare as he works 4 days a week and has school 2 days a week.

Surprise #2 Breakfast at Ruth's diner!  We love this little gem up the canyon.  The breakfast there is SO good.  We've since gone there to dinner with our friends and it was delicious as well.  Basically you can't go wrong if you go there.  We got to eat outside and the weather was gorgeous.

Surprise #3 A trip to Utah's natural history museum.  It's the new one by our apartment and we've always wanted to go there.  Entry is free with our U cards so we checked it out.  It's pretty sweet!  The view was my favorite

Surprise #4 A trip to the zoo - I was very excited for this, but even more excited when I learned that...

Surprise #5 My nephews were coming!  Along with my SIL & BIL to join us.  That was really fun

Surprise #6 I got to go to the mall and pick out something fun to buy - I love when you can make guiltless purchases

Surprise #7 Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory - my favorite!  And even better when...

Surprise #8 Our friends, The Shermans, came down from up north to join us!  We have so much fun with them

Surprise #9 I kind of knew about this one because I'd asked for it...but watching an outdoor movie @ my dad's house.  We watched Stardust - I think this is such a great movie

and finally, Surprise #10 - my sister was there to watch the movie with us.  I NEVER see my sister.  She is so busy working and living downtown having a great time that it's hard to ever get her schedule to match up with mine.  This was a great birthday surprise and I'm SO glad Bryce knew me well enough to coordinate such a good one. 

I would definitely rank this as one of my top birthday days thanks to my husband Bryce who is just the best.  We were so tired after all of it that sleeping in on Saturday was pretty sweet as well!  Here's to being 24!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The end of one chapter brings the start of a new one...

I always knew we'd move out of married housing eventually, but I just never actually pictured the day actually arriving.  And I'm sad about it!  Of course I'm excited for a new adventure, but I'm so happy with our little place & routine that I'm always a little resistant to change, but of course end up loving it once it happens.  As most of you know we are officially home owners!  This experience has been such a blur, but perfect at the same time.  I think I was expecting so many speed bumps during the process, that I was almost in disbelief when there weren't any.  We met our realtor in May (?) and he told us to get looking at properties online and make a list of our favorites so we could start looking in the middle of June.  Easy enough right?  So we start looking at pictures and starring our favorites and I'm just dreading the thought of driving all over the valley, arranging appointments, looking at all these different places, and just not knowing what to do.  I figured that's what everyone did so I'd be fine. 

Wed May 30 - new house is listed, Bryce sees it, tells me to check out the pictures, I love it so we ask our realtor to go see what it's like - he says it's pretty awesome!

Thursday May 31 - realizing how awesome this townhouse is we drive out there the next day, love it so much, don't want anyone else to take it - so we drive to our realtor's house (we'll end up being his neighbor ha ha) and put in an offer

Friday June 1- offer ACCEPTED!  No counter offer besides moving up the closing date to sooner than we had suggested.  What just happened????  Now it was time for Bryce and I to actually think about it!

I could wash dishes and cook on the stove at the same time...

1513 was good to us!

The more we thought about it, the more right it felt.  Our families came to take a look and they liked it, we fasted and prayed and it was apparent it was right for us.  Everything went as smooth as butter and we closed on Monday July 2.  Literally a month from when we first saw it.  We moved our stuff over little by little and finally made the big move on July 14.  I can't believe it!  I LOVE this house with every fiber of my being (dramatic much? ha ha) and I can't believe I can call it home.  Our first big purchase (after the house) was our own washer and dryer.  I can't even express my excitement about that, about an oven with two racks and wide enough for a cookie sheet, about a DISHWASHER, and walls that aren't made of cinder blocks plus carpet that I can lay on and is actually too long to "sweep" clean.  It's just a dream come true!  Come visit!!!
Thanksgiving at our house this year...Susan's cooking of course :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We've come to the conclusion that this was one of the best weekends we've had since we've been married.  It was just over the top great!  We started celebrating Thursday for Bryce's birthday BBQ at my mom's house.  We had our family over & enjoyed the outdoors!  My mom was a great host and made a delicious fruit pizza for the cake - it was devoured!  Bryce turned the big 25 and in honor of his age I walked into our bedroom to discover he'd fallen asleep at 9:30.  My sweet old man :)

Mom's fruit pizza cake - SO yummy!

Linds and Logan

Me and the birthday boy

This was completely coincidental!  We thought it was pretty funny

On Friday we had the day off to sleep in and get things organized for our weekend in Park City.  Once again Bryce's connections are nice and we had a free condo to stay at over the weekend that sleeps 12 people.  We didn't want the space to go to waste so we invited up our friends and about 8 couples came to celebrate Bryce's birthday with us.  We had fun eating pizza, sides, & chocolate cake.  Then we played my most favorite game, Rollick and died laughing at everyone's acting skills.  We kept playing different games, people hot tubbed, watched movies, and finally around 3 am everyone crashed somewhere or another.  We woke up Saturday morning and all went to breakfast together on main street.  It was so fun and I'm grateful to everyone who came!!

We continued the day by shopping with the Shermans at the outlets where I got my SWEET nike shocks.  I'm so excited for them.  Once we said goodbye to them it was nap time before our delicious night out on the town.  My mom spoiled us with a gift card to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and it was the best dinner I have ever had.  The steak melted in your mouth, the sweet potatoes were amazing, and the free anniversary cheesecake was over the top devine.  I was like a fat cheshire cat leaving that place.  Thanks mom!  We spent the rest of the weekend hot tubbing, watching our wedding video (tradition), eating, shopping, seeing a movie (Dark Shadows - I would not recommend spending money to see), and just being in love.  It's been the best 2 years of my life and we have SUCH a big year ahead of us, I can't wait!  Love you Bryce.

Ready to party

The cake

Free dessert!

Celebrating the best 2 years of my life!

Ice cream on main street :)

Bryce's Graduation

What a fun day!  I know graduation commencements are the most boring thing on the planet, but I still love graduation days.  There's such a great energy at commencement with everyone and their family - so excited for the person graduating.  Seeing family you don't always get to see, so on and so forth.  This was a pseudo-graduation for Bryce in that he technically has summer classes to complete by Aug 1 until he's officially finished.  It still made more sense then him waiting to walk until April 2013 when we wouldn't even remember what he was graduating from :).  His college was the last one to walk around 7 o'clock that night.  It was fun to have family there to support him and cheer him as he got his diploma.  He was a good sport since I was primarily the one who "made" him do it ha ha.  Afterwards we went to Red Butte Cafe, which was nice since it was later and not a super popular place that we were able to sit right down and enjoy ourselves and some delicious food.  It wouldn't be a graduation post without mentioning the graduation gift Bryce accumulated all of his money for - a brand new TV.  His first-born pretty much ha ha.  He loves that thing and I still just don't get it, but I can't complain.  It's fun to watch movies with him and see him so happy about it!  Anyways - we will probably take a trip of some kind to celebrate him being truly finished in August.  Congrats B-MUNZ - so proud of you!

Looking studious

Our family!

At dinner after the ceremony

Bagley side

With the grad

Creating a mini "Ute"!

My parentals

Celebrating just the two of us with a trip via trax to City Creek

Arizona Vacation

Arizona vacation for me - business trip for Bryce.  It's kind of a sweet deal.  We flew in Sunday and drove to our jaw dropping resort.  Hands down the nicest place I've ever stayed.  We wandered around and were enjoying getting settled in and watching conference, until Bryce bit down funny and his front tooth broke off.  Literally half of it was gone just like that.  And his business conference hadn't even started!  Very bad luck.  He was able to keep the broken piece laying on the top of the remaining piece most of the time.  Unless he was eating or talking - it occasionally flew in my face during a conversation.  Attractive, I know.  But he survived!

We were able to go shopping while we were there at the mall and go see a movie (surprised? ha ha).  The movie theater was actually one of the highlights of the trip for me.  The tickets weren't that expensive because once you got to your luxurious love seat for two a waiter would take your order and bring you food during the movie.  It was pretty cool!

While Bryce was listening to boring speakers I was able to go to the gym and workout every day that we were there.  It was so therapeutic I can't even tell you.  After working out I'd head straight for the pool all day long.  That Arizona sun is intense!  I wore sunscreen the whole time and still had some lobster red going on.  The first night of the conference they had an opening mixer sort of thing.  We went for the free dessert and music/dance floor.  It's nice not knowing anyone there - you can afford to be completely silly and avoid embarrassment.  Other than that the trip was a blur of eating, sleeping, and relaxing.  I'm glad we had this opportunity to go on such a fun trip together.  I'm proud of Bryce for attending the conference and grateful he let me tag along to have a much needed break!  Until our next business trip :)
Dinner @ Cheesecake factory

Pool time - Bryce won't smile because of his tooth

Visiting me at the pool

Our public transportation tradition

3D movie time!

Going home - @ the airport!