Thursday, April 21, 2011

School's out for Summa!

My mom always sang us a little Alice Cooper when summer break started and I've kept the tradition alive!  I love 14 week semesters that end in April and don't start again until the last week of August.  Let's be honest, I've been in school for forever and I hate that it's not my fault!  A regular person graduates with their Bachelor's degree around 120 credit hours, maybe 130 if they threw in a few classes they didn't need.  I will be graduating with 180 CREDIT HOURS!  It's beyond ridiculous.  I've been a full time student for 10 semesters and I'm finally 1 semester away from being done.  I'll just dwell on how happy that makes me!!!  I'm way excited that the semester is over and done with.  A summer vacation is much needed.  Unfortunately Bryce has about 2 weeks left so I've celebrating quietly.  It'll be an ever greater celebration when he is done and we can play all the time.  We've done a few fun things amidst the craziness of finals... 

We love living in Sugarhouse and especially being close to Sugarhouse park.  We had a little caesar's picnic there last weekend with some frisbee playing and then A&W rootbeer floats.  Delish!!

A week or so ago REAL soccer had a game against Colorado.  Despite the rain/snowy conditions we bundled up in winter gear and had blankets and hand warmers and went to the game.  Our friends the Leishmans have season tickets and the seats are awesome.  We were actually covered from all the rain.  We got free treats too!  The most exciting part of the game was ironically in the 92nd minute when REAL finally scored after a penalty kick and won the game.  And the crowd went wild!  Soccer fans are crazy, it's official.  So anyways I'm grateful we've had the opportunity to do these fun things and look forward to many more!  Hope you have a FABULOUS day!!!


  1. mmm i love soccer and REAL IS THE BOMB!!!! we need to go to a game together!!!!!!!! No more school oh happy day (sing song style from sister act 2) please tell me you know what i am talkin about! loves loves

  2. doesn't being done for a little bit feel so good?! graduation in t minus 8 months!

  3. You guys are always busy doing fun things! Glad school is out, and that you are loving your new job!