Friday, June 3, 2011

1 year down....eternity to go!

We celebrated our one year anniversary on May 14!  It's true, time flies.  I'm not a super creative person (science brain dominates) so this post really won't be filled with many one-liners and laugh out loud moments.  That's what my husband is for :)  So i'll just tell you how it all went down...

What better way to remember where you stayed than taking a picture by the sign?  Really no caption is required...
Bryce and I have decided a job is only as good as the perks it provides you with.  That being said, we both have really great jobs :).  Bryce has a connection with The Chateaux in Deer Valley and they comped us a suite for the night!  It's always nice to experience a little luxury, but then you realize all you want in life is a king size bed and alas your tiny apartment will not allow it.  Maybe some day....Anyways!  We camped out in our room and ordered pizza...and cheesy bread...did I mention it came with wings?  I don't even know how that happened.  I bought Bryce the movie P.S. I love you for his birthday because it's a chick flick that he actually likes and I originally didn't.  But we watched it and soaked in all the ooey gooey love stuff and were happy we have each other...oh the tender moments :)
As odd as this picture is - I'm in shorts and a t-shirt because it was so warm, but there is still snow makes you wanna say "isn't it ironic?" but Alanis already did.
The next day (our actual anniversary) we declared it Bryce and Lauren day and decided to do whatever we wanted without thinking twice about it.  We went shopping at the PC outlets where I bought my annual black old navy flip flops.  A staple for my summer.

At the outlets

Upon driving home from PC we stopped at Chipotle, our favorite place for burritos the size of a small baby.  When we got home we decided to delve into the wedding cake that has been taking up valuable space in our freezer for a year.  This cake was mighty delicious on our wedding day and I'm afraid I didn't get any besides a bite Bryce shoved in my mouth which was mostly fondent.  I don't know what I was expecting, but the bite led to an instant "eww" face and spitting it out.  Bryce ate a couple more bites, but that's cause he will eat pretty much anything.  Oh the things we do for tradition. 

Proof that we did the cake eating on 1 year

Being silly
The fun continued with the idea of getting a couples massage.  We called around and since it was so last minute no one was taking our plea for relaxation.  Luckily the place five minutes from our house said "actually we have a cancellation, be here in five minutes".  Lucky us.
Our faces before the massage

Our faces after the massage...soooo relaxed ha ha
With the day having hours left we grabbed a sandwich at Jimmy John's and saw Fast Five at the gateway.  Did we spoil ourselves?  Maybe a little.  But we kept justifying it as our first anniversary being a big deal.  I have a feeling we'll be saying this on a yearly basis....oh dear ha ha.  Life is fab!


  1. where was it you stayed? That picture of you in front of the Deer Valley sign wasn't very clear... ;) Hahaha!

  2. Glad you guys had a great first anniversary!

  3. 1. you are funny L!
    2. Best anniversary ever!
    3. Classic everything I love yoU!!!!!!!!