Sunday, July 17, 2011

St. George - Tuacahn trip

Ahh I have so much to blog about!  I'll probably get bored about half way through and really wish I hadn't even attempted to blog about my life, but the longer I procrastinate the more there will be!  (obviously).  I'll just write about one event at a time...let's go back to June 11ish...
We went on our annual Tuacahn trip with my dad and the fam down to St. George where it was HOT and I LOVED it.  We had a pit stop in Cedar City to see Chris and Shea and Chris took us shooting.  He even made us ceramic targets to shoot at and they would explode.  It was fun!
Bryce being a sharp shooter
Lindsay stayed in the car at first, but I finally talked her into trying shooting for her first time!  She did great
I won't even attempt to say what kind of hand gun this was, but I felt super gangsta.  I really did shoot it sideways... 
It was super powerful...Chris is laughing at how scared I was to pull the trigger 
Yes sparkly headbands are the new shooting attire
We stayed at a nice hotel and went swimming pretty much every day, ate lots and lots of food, played with our cousins, went to church, went shopping, had a BBQ, played games, and of course the highlight of the trip being Tuachan.  This year we saw The Little Mermaid and Grease.  The Little Mermaid was fabulous!  There were so many creative elements that made it so fun, the actors were very talented, the costumes were great, and the weather being perfect completed the show.  Grease was also fun, but definitely not as rehearsed as Little Mermaid.  You really can't go wrong with songs like Grease Lighting and the Hand Jive, so I was entertained, but we all agreed Little Mermaid was our favorite.  Not to mention my Uncle Ryan played Grimsby so that was extra fun.
Susan vowed never to return to Walmart after this trip...their pharmacy was being very difficult.  We had fun in the car! :)
The traditional "fountain" picture
With the group
Uncle Ryan!

Bryce and I at Little Mermaid

Bryce and I at Grease

I'm glad this tradition has continued and we were able to go this year!  My parents are awesome for taking us "big kids" on this trip.  If you have the chance to go to St. George, I highly recommend it!


  1. Guess what...we bought our tickets to see the Little Mermaid! I am so excited! Oh and by the way, I went shooting in college, and those hand guns do pack a punch! You are hot in your glitter head band. Miss you, seeing you every day in NYC spoiled me!

  2. I was scaaaared!! But fun trip. You an bee munz are my buddies on family trips :)