Saturday, October 1, 2011

26.2 - Marathon Relay!

September 10 came mighty fast this year...and that's because we all postponed getting ready for race day!  Ha ha, but our team all came out okay.  We had the same team as last hubby, dad, sister, BIL, and myself.  We each run 5.2 miles totaling up to the daunting marathon mileage of 26.2!  It's much easier to do 1/5 of one.  Dad was our first runner so Linds and I were there to support him at the starting line...
Bright and early!  But dad is happy and ready to go

I wish you could see my dad's face instead of a head of glowing fire ha ha, but he was doing so awesome at mile 4!

Dad was our 2nd fastest runner...and he was STILL looking fresh!

Lindsay ran 2nd and I think this picture was after she finished.  She ran faster than ever as well.  Proud of my baby sister!  

I was ready to go waiting for Bryce to come in as our 3rd runner.  I was SO worried about him!  When he passed on mile 4 he looked like he was ready to pass out.  He got sick with the flu on Friday and he was so weak and sick the day of the race.  I made my mom, the nurse, promise to tend to him while I was away!

He was so happy to be done and I was so happy to take the baton away from him!  Yay Team Bagley!

A picture of our future teammate.  We'll need someone in about 12 years when my dad is 60!

Here's a picture of the team while I was running.  It's actually great  Bryce 's face is red.  When I saw him running he was death grey colored...and he's smiling too so he recovered fast.

Part of the reason Bryce was so tired during the race was because around mile 2 there is a BEAST of a hill and he saw this woman at the base who was trying to push her mentally/physically challenged child up the hill in a wheelchair.  She was at a dead stop and Bryce said she looked like she was about to burst into tears and totally discouraged.  He pushed her son up the hill and thought his lungs were going to explode at the top.  She was so grateful that she found him after she finished and came to hug him and almost cried again!  I'm proud of my husband for taking this opportunity to serve.  It's what life is all about!

If you haven't caught this infamous picture on facebook already...I promised my "fans" to do a trick like I did last year so my dad had the camera ready.  He got the picture at the perfect time obviously and I was lovin it!

Just some random pics...showing off my muscles w/ pops

Lindsay bought our team matching sweat bands.  It was actually very helpful in spotting our teammates as they came around the corner!
Of course our mom was there to cheer us on!
This was when I came back and Matt, our anchor, was out running.  We were watching the boys.

Lindsay used her height to catch a teddy bear they threw to the crowd.  She and Luke were new friends so she decided to give it to him.

Brosephs - Matt was our fastest runner as usual.  That's why we keep him around!
This was our 2nd shot at a team picture because dad had to take off early.  Way to go team!  Here's to getting ready for next year...hopefully sooner rather than later!  It's fun to have this healthy tradition with our family.


  1. Congrats!!! This is so fun!! LOVE the previous post with the photo shoot win! Want to see all the pics!!!! Love.

  2. That is so cool that Bryce helped her push the wheelchair up the hill! Glad you guys had a good race!