Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catch up!

Wow, 2 months have come and gone since I've blogged.  While summer was fun and busy, we've moved on to school time being crazy and busy.  Bryce is in school full time and working full time running  I'm very proud of him!  Meanwhile I'm in my last semester of the BSN program, I decided to throw an honors project in there somewhere as well.  I'm still working at Hoopes part-time and I've started my dream job at my dream place!  THE U!  I work on maternal-newborn, OBGYN, and the nursery.  I hope to float to the newborn ICU after I'm trained.  I love it so far!

Now for a series of pictures describing all the fun activities we've been up to....Back in July we went to the rodeo with the Combe couple, Kenz and Josh.  I love rodeos!

In July we also went to Bear Lake with Petersens.  We had lots of fun on the beach, good food and activities, and Bryce solidified his friendship with our darling cousin Sophie.

For the 24th (I guess it was Saturday the 23rd) we decided to watch fireworks from our car since it was raining.  We had a picnic in the back of the Ford with Little Cesear's pizza and then watched a crazy summer rain storm as the sun was setting.  Then it was firework time!  
Another fun part of summer is the Twilight summer concert series now held at Pioneer Park downtown.  We went to one of the concerts, I can't even remember the name of the band now, but they are hippies so I wore a hippie headband.  There were so many people!  It was fun to go to a concert since I love them so much, plus it was free!

Then at the end of July, this little turkey turned one!  I swear I was just holding him in the hospital after he was born!  Isn't he adorable?  We had fun watching him eat lots of cake and get messy at his party.
He's holding his "first cell phone" from his awesome Aunt and Uncle!
For a friday-saturday we go to watch our adorable nephews while their parentals went out of town!  We had so much fun.  I think Luke made me watch the movie "Up" four times ha ha.
Logan can see himself on the screen - hence the blank look on his face
One weekend in August before school started we drove up to Pocatello to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Bateman.  I love visiting them!  They have the coziest house.  Anyone with awesome grandparents knows the feeling I'm talking about.  We went shopping, saw The Help, and even Bryce and Gramps went golfing.  My grandma is one of my best friends.  Lots of people call their moms when they have good or bad news and I'm lucky because I get to call my mom AND my grandma.  We had such a fun weekend relaxing with them!
I found some old photo albums and I was so happy when I saw this.  My lovely grandma after my sissy was born.  Apparently I was taking care of dolls at this stage in life.
U of U football season!  We bought season tickets back in March so we had almost forgotten we'd be going to all of the games!  It's such a rush to sit with all of the fans in The Muss and scream and shout the whole time.  We love football season!
The annual marathon relay!  It's now considered annual because we did it last year too ha ha.  I'll make a separate post about it because I have lots of pics and stories to share, but here's my husband the morning of who was still sick with the flu.  He was NOT looking forward to his run ha ha, but he made it!
The Utah State Fair!  I can't believe it was our 3rd time there together since we went when we were dating as well.  This year there was a free concert - KC and the Sunshine Band.  I'm into old music, but for those who aren't familiar with the name he sings "Shake shake shake your booty" and "Do a little dance....get down tonight!"  You know, the 70s.  And this guy was literally 60 years old now and running out of breath ha ha.  Only at the state fair!  
On Sat Sept 27 (the day of Utah's holy war) we were invited by the Leishman Lovers to go to the REAL game.  We love REAL games with these two!  Not only do they have awesome seats and get free food, but this time there was a One Republic concert after the game.  REAL won the game 1-0 and then we sang our hearts out and cuddled during OneRepublic.
And FINALLY, the end of our post!  Back in August I randomly entered a contest with Ciara Richardson Photography to have a free photo shoot doing whatever I wanted and free Hair & Make-up with Stephanie Brinkerhoff.  I thought it would be awesome to win so I entered and sure enough, on Ciara's blog a couple weeks later....

I was the winner!  
I really debated about what kind of pictures to have taken.  I thought about casual clothes that would be cute, but we had engagements taken less than 2 years ago and nothing has really changed (besides our collective 20 lbs of growth ha ha) and I didn't really go crazy about the idea.  BUT I really have looked at people's wedding pictures since we got married and I always catch myself saying "awww I wish we had cute poses like that" or "I wish I had that picture of Bryce and I" and so....I decided to put on the wedding dress that I love and make Bryce take bridal/groomal pictures with me!!!  Ha ha, call me crazy, but I'm already so happy that I did.  
Ciara already posted this one and I almost cried because it's so perfect and EXACTLY what I wanted.  I can't wait for the rest!
So that is where we are in life today!  I'm so excited for sticky buns at Susan's General Conference Sunday and more U of U football games.  Oh...and Halloween??  Yes please!  Can't wait!  Happy Fall :)

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