Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas 2011

Did Christmas really come and go already?  We had an excellent holiday season full of fun and Christmas spirit.  We started off with an ugly sweater party with friends - thank you Walmart.  We had a fun time!
A nice woman's vest

A great $5 investment
 We had a fun groupon date to Hogle Zoo to see the zoo lights.  It was fun!  We saw reindeer, my favorite bengal tigers, and had hot cocoa while wandering around like the two love birds that we are.
wearing 7 layers because I do NOT like being cold

We had a lovely Bagley girls night with my Mom & sister-in-laws getting pedicures, eating dinner, and doing some shopping.  It was some much needed R&R with the girls!

We stuck with tradition and saw the Messiah sing-along (gospel style) in which my mom has sang in the past couple of years and this year my sister sang in the choir too.  As usual it was a riot.  We did our share of hollering, clapping, and "hallelujah" shouting.
 We only have room for a tiny Christmas tree and this year I went with the silver/blue theme.  It's wonderful decorating a tree together and being done in 5 minutes.  I don't know what I will do with a big tree someday.

 Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without my FAVORITE tradition of making bratzlis.  I love that we have second cousins that have moved here for school and things so that we are truly keeping the tradition of my great-grandparents alive.  We love handing out these cookies, but we probably ate as many as we gave out as gifts.  They are so yummy!

The crew!  

The wisest bratzli maker of us all - teaching me his ways
 For a couple years now Susan has found a Christmas craft, bought the supplies, learned how to make it, set everything up, and made us dinner so my sister and I can each make our own with her.  It's a sweet deal!  This year we made this Jingle display and I love it!  Much thanks to Susan.
 I lost track of how many things we bought during December and said "It will just be for Christmas" ha ha.  But I do have to admit that I LOVE my new ski boots!  I've never had a pair of my own and they are amazing compared to rentals which have such a generic fit.  I used to anticipate getting my boots off as soon as possible at the lodge or after skiing, but now I can keep them on forever because they are so comfy.  Skiing this year hasn't been the best because of the weather, but I do have to say when we've gone it's been such a blast!  I actually was so fast once that Bryce couldn't catch up to me.  Thank you new ski boots :)

An outdoor wedding reception for my cousin - I love my sister's "melting"!  I'm considering it myself...
 And finally...Christmas day!  I was so lucky this year to have the 3 days before, Christmas Eve, & Christmas day off from work.  Tons of family time!  We decided since Christmas was on Sunday this year to go to the medical branch at the University of Utah hospital to help visit the members there and bring them the sacrament.  It was great to visit with people and wish them a Merry Christmas even though they were not in the best of circumstances.  Next it was off to dad's house for gifts & visiting and then to mom's for dinner, more gifts, and a great night of fun playing games and singing Christmas carols.  We had a lot to be grateful for this holiday season!

Our present for dad - the computer geek :)

Both smiling in the same picture...miracle

And of course it wouldn't be Christmas without my grandparents.  I love them dearly!

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