Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Arizona Vacation

Arizona vacation for me - business trip for Bryce.  It's kind of a sweet deal.  We flew in Sunday and drove to our jaw dropping resort.  Hands down the nicest place I've ever stayed.  We wandered around and were enjoying getting settled in and watching conference, until Bryce bit down funny and his front tooth broke off.  Literally half of it was gone just like that.  And his business conference hadn't even started!  Very bad luck.  He was able to keep the broken piece laying on the top of the remaining piece most of the time.  Unless he was eating or talking - it occasionally flew in my face during a conversation.  Attractive, I know.  But he survived!

We were able to go shopping while we were there at the mall and go see a movie (surprised? ha ha).  The movie theater was actually one of the highlights of the trip for me.  The tickets weren't that expensive because once you got to your luxurious love seat for two a waiter would take your order and bring you food during the movie.  It was pretty cool!

While Bryce was listening to boring speakers I was able to go to the gym and workout every day that we were there.  It was so therapeutic I can't even tell you.  After working out I'd head straight for the pool all day long.  That Arizona sun is intense!  I wore sunscreen the whole time and still had some lobster red going on.  The first night of the conference they had an opening mixer sort of thing.  We went for the free dessert and music/dance floor.  It's nice not knowing anyone there - you can afford to be completely silly and avoid embarrassment.  Other than that the trip was a blur of eating, sleeping, and relaxing.  I'm glad we had this opportunity to go on such a fun trip together.  I'm proud of Bryce for attending the conference and grateful he let me tag along to have a much needed break!  Until our next business trip :)
Dinner @ Cheesecake factory

Pool time - Bryce won't smile because of his tooth

Visiting me at the pool

Our public transportation tradition

3D movie time!

Going home - @ the airport!

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