Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bryce's Graduation

What a fun day!  I know graduation commencements are the most boring thing on the planet, but I still love graduation days.  There's such a great energy at commencement with everyone and their family - so excited for the person graduating.  Seeing family you don't always get to see, so on and so forth.  This was a pseudo-graduation for Bryce in that he technically has summer classes to complete by Aug 1 until he's officially finished.  It still made more sense then him waiting to walk until April 2013 when we wouldn't even remember what he was graduating from :).  His college was the last one to walk around 7 o'clock that night.  It was fun to have family there to support him and cheer him as he got his diploma.  He was a good sport since I was primarily the one who "made" him do it ha ha.  Afterwards we went to Red Butte Cafe, which was nice since it was later and not a super popular place that we were able to sit right down and enjoy ourselves and some delicious food.  It wouldn't be a graduation post without mentioning the graduation gift Bryce accumulated all of his money for - a brand new TV.  His first-born pretty much ha ha.  He loves that thing and I still just don't get it, but I can't complain.  It's fun to watch movies with him and see him so happy about it!  Anyways - we will probably take a trip of some kind to celebrate him being truly finished in August.  Congrats B-MUNZ - so proud of you!

Looking studious

Our family!

At dinner after the ceremony

Bagley side

With the grad

Creating a mini "Ute"!

My parentals

Celebrating just the two of us with a trip via trax to City Creek

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