Friday, December 28, 2012

Mommy-to-be update

I'm obviously not the first woman to be pregnant nor the last, but since it is my first time it is definitely new and extremely exciting for me!  I'm past the half way mark and very grateful to be feeling MUCH better than I was in the beginning.  In fact, I can honestly say people were right that I would "forget" those weeks and weeks of nausea and feeling absolutely sick and not myself 24/7.  I'm very happy they were right about that. My favorite part of being pregnant right now is feeling my baby move inside me as well as my hair growth (on my head).  I've never had my hair this long and I'm loving it.  Of course my least favorite part is no surprise, watching my body change is hard and I'm missing super intense workouts where I would sweat my guts out & sometimes take a peek at my abs after and "visualize" the toned muscles.  Not doing that anymore :).  But I know it's going to be worth it!  So I can't complain.  I guess I will throw in an update about working - I've recently given my 2 weeks notice to my 2 jobs and am condensing down to one job which is Mon-Friday 9-5.  I'm very excited about this because 1) I won't be working nights (this has been much harder on me since being pregnant), 2) I will be driving 10 minutes to get to work instead of 40 and 3) I'll still be working for the U of U and they are such a great employer.  I'm very excited about this opportunity!  The moment that stands out to me most on this journey was our ultrasound to see our baby on 12/12/12.  Here are my favorite pics....
Finding out it's a girl!  I honestly couldn't believe it.  I just knew so many people having girls and thought that I would have a boy to even out the population ha ha.  I was just wanting a healthy baby and when we learned it was a girl we were ecstatic.  We have had two ultrasounds and they both told us 100% it's a girl so I'm pretty confident.  I feel so lucky!

Check out that long gangly leg!  Just like her mom!  It'll be perfect when she's standing at the center of kickline :)

I don't know why I just love this picture of her spine.  It makes it seems so real to me that she has perfect vertebrae with itty bitty little discs lined up like that.  She's just perfect.

And finally the infamous profile - I personally think everyone's looks the same, but this one is special because it's my baby's!  Again I'm just grateful she's healthy and growing on track and I bet she'll be super cute too.  
We had the most amazing Christmas!  Baby Bagley got more presents then Bryce or I did ha ha, everyone is just so excited and it's awesome.  She already has a closet full of pink which I really wanted to avoid, but it seems we can't avoid it ha ha.  I've cleaned out her room and now I guess it's time to shop, shop, shop!!  

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