Saturday, February 23, 2013

3rd trimester!

My third pregnancy post - look out world!  I've entered the third trimester and it's pretty unreal.  I love how I work with pregnant women and talk about pregnancy all the time.  It gives me a lot of perspective.  Especially when I think about how lucky I've been so far.  I see some women as much as twice a week who are as far along as I am and contracting all the time, can't sleep, have 5 other kids, have gestational diabetes, have pain, have high risk pregnancies and the list goes on and on.  I'm grateful for my uneventful pregnancy thus far (knock on wood).  I've had multiple conversations with people about how I'm feeling and I can say that I am so excited and want time just to fly by...yet I'm equally okay with time stopping and dragging my heels savoring this last little bit of time before the baby is here.  I'm pretty 50/50 about it.  I know that once I hit week 35 or something everyone says I'll just be wanting the end to be here ASAP ha ha.

We've got nursery planning and preparation well underway!  Thankful to a super domestic step-mom who is making/sewing everything I want with all the colors I want, a talented sister who is an interior designer helping me with not only adorable, but affordable ideas, a husband who listens to all the excuses when I ask for money such as "but it's our first" or "it will last for all of our kids" or "but think it's for your little princess".  And also to a mom who keeps reminding me that people have had babies for millions of years and they survived without all the gadgets you find in the baby stores as well as reminding me to never compare myself to others.  This is my journey!  It's been fabulous so far.

I'm at 30 weeks and I do anything but sit around.  Work has kept me extremely busy which is good since it keeps me productive and not a couch potato.  When I'm not at work there are a million things in life to catch up on.  Places to be and people to see!
I really miss my 8 week body these days ha ha

The last picture that I took was at 27 weeks.  I'm too scared to take another picture at this point ha ha

My awesome baby girl in 3D doing a fist pump!

We were excited and set up her crib!  It's so fun!


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  1. LAuren....Post some more pics of her nursery and of you!! I missed your shower. :(