Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lulu Bug is 9 months!

I have a 9 month old!  This kid of mine - she is one of a kind.  Every month I say "this is my favorite age" because the point is just - she is my favorite.  Bryce and I are so blessed to have Lucy sent to our family.  I express gratitude every day that she's happy & healthy - and so stinkin' cute!  My cousin wrote about her daughter in a post like this and I thought it was so sweet.  I want to remember every moment with my Lulu!

  • LOOKS:  Like her daddy!  With her mommy's hair color - so far her hair is stick straight, something I've never experienced so she won't have much help from me - frizzy/wavy/blah type hair ha ha
  • Mom's eyebrows (sorry Luce) and Bryce's cheeks - I want to EAT them and I usually kiss them 100+ times daily
  • Usually always has a headband on her head - her mom is a little obsessed
  • Big blue doe-eyes!  They are quite captivating and beautiful
  • She's tall!  No surprise there - she's the spawn of 2 giants
  • Long legs, but just enough chub on her thighs that it's adorable
  • No teeth - I love her toothless grin
  • You'll always find her in a drool-soaked onsie - even though as mentioned there are no teeth
  • Her belly button looks like it pokes out really far and it's because she has an umbilical hernia
  • She squints her eyes when she's nervous - almost like she thinks closing her eyes makes the person who's making her nervous disappear ha ha
  • Smiles constantly!

  • SOUNDS:  Most of the sounds she makes are very low - even her cry is a low pitch (from her mom)
  • She loves to hear herself growl
  • She loves blowing bubbles
  • Her favorite sounds to make are "mamamama" and "dadadada"
  • She's definitely one for the drama and has her whining perfected - she knows what she wants and when she wants it (everything and right now)
  • She's started a "machine gun" laugh that reminds us of the minions on Despicable Me, it's hilarious and she knows it
  • She likes when mom or dad sings to her
  • She's obsessed with grandpa Bart's guitar and has sat there perfectly still while he's put on multiple private concerts for her - such a groupie!
  • You won't hear much crying from her, she has her bad days, but she's usually content
  • A giggle that melts my heart and time seems to stop for a moment

  • SMELLS: Like baby!  Oh it's heavenly.  I just bury myself in her neck and smell her all the time
  • Dreft - I'm a sucker for this laundry detergent
  • At night she smells like lavender lotion - she HATES having lotion put on (sad for me), but when she's calm and I can get some on her, it reminds me of a peaceful and calm bedtime
  • Sad to say, but after wearing socks all day she gets a mild case of stinky feet (from Bryce) but I still love her baby toes
  • Baby breath - I love it because it's not bad since she doesn't have teeth
  • Her baby soap makes her smell so clean and she LOVES taking baths!

  • FEELS: Her skin is so soft and smooth
  • Sharp fingernails - I swear I trim them, but the next day they're long again
  • The perfect sized person I can carry on my hip everywhere
  • Warm and cuddly as she's learning to give "loves" and snuggles

  • TASTES: Like sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, squash, yogurt, rice cereal, and applesauce - her favorites and they always end up all over face!
  • Like salty tears that spill on her cheeks when she misses her mom (even though I'm in the room next to her)
  • Adorable as she's starting to give kisses! (open mouth head bumps)

Yes eating a lemon and liking it...
  • ACTS:  Such a pleasant demeanor - I never worry about taking her anywhere because she's easy going
  • Loves to crawl around after me and climb up my legs - she's my little puppy 
  • She's friendly and loves meeting babies
  • She flirts!  It's so cute to see her make eyes at boys, shy away, but then peek back at them to make sure they're still there
  • She's super observant and loves to look around when we go to new places
  • She loves playing peek-a-boo, reading/playing with books, being silly with dad, being tickled, and walking everywhere she can with you holding her hands
  • Super curious, but very cautious...I like it!

I could never have imagined having such an awesome kid - she truly completes our family and it's so fulfilling being her parent.  I can't believe her 1st birthday is so close, I'll probably blink and it will be here.  Lucy and I are just having too much fun!  It's the best.


  1. Oh I just love it!!!!! What a sweet way to remember all those precious details.

  2. Cute Lauren!! I am sad I haven't seen her more but she is just adorable and sounds like you guys are doing great! Give her hugs from Boise cousins!!