Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lucy's 1st birthday!

I loved when Lucy turned 1!  I could spend time being sad about her growing up, but I don't want to waste a minute of my time being sad.  There's only time to be happy about it!  I was really excited to celebrate her 1st birthday.  I went from thinking there would be an extremely elaborate party, then to thinking just Bryce and I watching her eat cake, and finally to a moderately themed/funded party with our family and closest friends.  I'm so glad it ended up the way it did!  Her 1st birthday really was for me.  I've felt more and more like a mom as the year went on - it definitely did not hit me the day she was born besides the actual being told I was her mom, and she was mine.  It really was a growing experience with each month.  I remember before her 1 year doctor's appointment having her dressed, fed, diaper changed, bag packed, paperwork together and in the car in no time at all and checking in at the doctor's office 10 minutes before her appointment.  I was thinking to myself "did that just happen?"  Wasn't it just a year ago that I had to start getting organized 2 hours before the appointment, juggling breastfeeding, spit ups, diapers, changing outfits multiple times, and I still showed up late to her doctor's appointment covered in sweat, spit up, and something that barely resembled a ponytail??  Not that life goes off without a hitch these days or anything, but I just felt like I'd really settled into my roll after a year, FINALLY!  Ha ha.  At least I feel like I have a handle on things, and I can live and grow with that. 

My happy girl!

The "stink face" that lasted about a month - it just made everyone laugh!

She was so good at her photo shoot - a little nervous at first, but then she warmed up

How did I get so lucky?

Outfit change - she's giving this smile because she's looking at her daddy!

Lucy truly is an amazing little girl (I don't really say baby anymore which is weird) and such a huge part of our family.  She may be small, but her personality shines big.  I'm so grateful she is healthy and developing at an appropriate pace.  Not that I would ever love her any different if not, but I worry enough as it is so I'm grateful that those things aren't added to my plate right now.  She's SUCH a mama's girl sometimes it's painfully so.  But how could I not like it?  Since I'm the mom ha ha.  She sometimes puts her arms around my neck and squeezes so tightly and then smashes her face right against mine and seems like if she could get any closer she again, not complaining.  

My favorite thing right now is how FAST she walks.  She seriously hauls.  I can pretty much walk at my usual pace and she keeps right up with me while pushing her stroller herself ha ha it's quite a sight.  She's very coordinated!  She wants to talk, I can tell, but she's found that pointing and grunting over and over gets her what she wants, so why learn the words part?  I can't wait to hear all the thoughts that must be going through her head.  When she is on one and just jabbering away I'm very entertained!  I nod my head and respond and encourage her to keep going, asking her "and then what happened?" because I just don't want it to stop! 

Her birthday party was the highlight of my May month - even with Bryce's birthday, graduation, and our anniversary ha ha.  It was a great month overall don't get me wrong, but just the fact that it was my 1st kid's 1st birthday was such a special occasion.  We had the party in our clubhouse and I was so glad everyone was able to make it!  Especially because I've seriously needed and relied on ALL of them at some point this past year and everyone has had such a big impact on mine and Lucy's life.  

Lucy was a doll opening up her presents

We had to help her get into her cake - but once she got started she loved it
Lucy and I decorated the clubhouse and picked up the amazing cake.  It was beautiful and delicious so you can't ask for more!  I only regretted that it was destroyed and I couldn't pass out a handful to everyone else to try ha ha only Lucy and I got a real taste of how good it was.  We had everyone help out with dinner, then Lucy was delightful as she opened her presents, and finally the cake smash for the grand finale.  I actually thought it was even cuter after when the only choice was to rinse the cake off in the sink and she thought getting sprayed down was the world's greatest thing!  We couldn't have asked for a happier and more delightful birthday girl.  She loved showing everyone her presents and trying to pick them up, even the heaviest ones.  I wouldn't say she annihilated her cake or anything, she was very dainty about it.  But she definitely loved the sugar and was mad when I took it away!  Everyone said she might be grumpy the next day, like a sugar hangover I guess, but she actually slept in longer than ever and woke up with the world's biggest smile.  I think it was her way of saying having sugar everyday was just fine with her! 

Lucy loves her grandpa!
 Like I said, the rest of the month was nonstop, and we even had our first overnighter kid-free (yay grandparents) and I couldn't get over the fun memories we were making and how blessed we were.  Thanks to Lucy for being such a good girl and shaping me constantly towards becoming a better mommy!            

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