Thursday, June 25, 2015

All about Lucy

I wanted to write a post all about Lucy since she's in her last few weeks of being an only child.  She is truly one of a kind.  I wouldn't change one thing about her.  She's really the most special little person you will ever meet.  Let me tell you why!  Lucy has so much personality.  She is very shy, but I don't think being shy takes away from personality.  She's got so much in her little body I'm always being surprised by it.  She's ridiculously smart so of course she says things and I have no idea where it's coming from besides her extremely observant & quick brain.  She's been counting for ages, knows all of her colors, memorizes books, sings songs, and is such a creature of habit that if you do something once she will remember it like that forever.  It's often difficult to get her to do something a different way because she seriously never forgets how something is done the first time. 

She plays princess - it's the best
 That leads me to the next thing I love about her - she is SO stubborn.  She's actually stubborn, bossy, and independent (in typical toddler fashion).  If she doesn't want to do it - she won't.  There's really no negotiating, threatening, or bribing that gets through to her.  I've seriously tried everything that a kid would normally cave for & she just turns up her nose at me.  It's quite hilarious & of course frustrating at times.  If I don't have the patience it can make for a rough day ha ha.  For example, she will only eat breakfast where she wants to eat it.  Today that consisted of sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor like a gremlin.    

I say "hey let's have a picnic for lunch" & she says "ya!" and then the rest of the time I watch her put out the towel and sit down all by herself and put things in place where she wants them to go.  It's sounding an awful lot like she's spoiled, but in all honesty she's extremely well behaved - she just knows what she wants!  It's hard not to accommodate someone with such a strong will.  Bryce & I actually love that she knows exactly what car she wants to ride in when we leave the house because between the two of us we could never decide.  I hope Lucy keeps the stubborn nature about her and uses it for all things good.  No one will ever get her to do something she doesn't want to do - and she'll make sure of that!  

Aside from being stubborn & bossy, she's truly well-mannered & easy going.  I've actually only had to do a time-out once or twice & it really wasn't for overly disobedient things.  I didn't even know how to do a time-out when the time came and have had to ask friends for advice.  She's never opened a cupboard she's not supposed to, never emptied a drawer when I wasn't looking, never messed with plugs/lights/switches/toilet/etc, or even ran away from me in a store or parking lot.  Now I'm not saying this isn't going to happen in the days ahead, but she's made my life very easy & that's just her personality.  

If all that wasn't amazing enough I love that she has a goofy side.  She told me the other night that she wanted to play so I asked "what do you want to play?" and she told me "crazy dance!" and started dancing around like a crazy person and she's never heard of such a game.  She calls freckles "nipples" for some reason and thinks it's so funny when I try to correct her so she can say "no, they're nipples!" and just laughs and laughs so joyfully.  It makes me laugh pretty hard too.  I love when she knows she's being silly and says "take my picture mom!"   

She's super polite!  She's full of please, thank you, excuse me (for every burp, toot, or when she wants to walk by), you're welcome, and sorry's.  She really picked up on it by mimicking people - it wasn't something I had to teach her.  It's funny because it's usually when I accidentally trip her or bump her head while putting her in the car seat that she tells me she's sorry when it's really me who is sorry ha ha.  It's adorable!

And finally her little heart is just so big.  She's so loving and my heart melts when she says "love you mom!"  She will randomly give me big squeezes around the neck and kisses.  When I get upset with her you would think she'd run away from me, but she just says "hold you mom" and wants me to comfort her instead.  I'm sure she shares a lot of qualities with other oldest only child toddler girls, but to me she is so special & unique.  We are preparing her for becoming a big sister in just a few weeks and she's so cute about it already.  She was quiet in the back seat and then just decided to tell us that "Charlie & Lucy are best friends" and my heart swelled.  She constantly talks about how Charlie's car seat will be right next to hers, they are going to be buddies, and she just wants to talk to Charlie.  Obviously big things are coming, but I sure hope her sweetness and excitement for a baby sister continues once she's here.  I'm so blessed to have my little Lucy in my life - I didn't realize how much I could love and it's such a gift.  I want to bottle her up & keep her just the way she is, but I understand there's so much joy in every stage that will come.
We love you Lucy!

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