Friday, June 26, 2015

Pregnancy Round 2

I can't believe we are 5 weeks away from having another kid around here!  I'm probably more nervous for a 2nd baby then I was for the 1st.  I think it's because I KNOW what's coming ha ha and last time I was pretty clueless.  I'm nervous about my body healing quickly, breastfeeding working out, loosing my precious sleep, how Lucy will adjust, if we will ever get a routine again, etc etc.  I know things will eventually fall in to place, everyone else seems to figure it out, but it does make me a little nervous for such a big change!  Our baby girl will be here before we know it.
19 weeks - officially feeling baby & seeing a bump
Just to have some memories about this pregnancy I would say the hard times were harder, but the easy times were actually easier.  I was super sick for about 17 weeks which was much longer then my 1st.  It was extra hard because I did have Lucy & I so wanted to be more energetic for her sake.  She did a lot of self entertaining during those months I spent on the couch!  
22 weeks - my Easter egg dress
My belly exploded twice as fast as it did before - way to remember how to be fat ha ha.  I was twice as excited to be having another girl because I knew how much fun girls were, Lucy would have a sister, and I wouldn't have to buy a single thing.  It's gone twice as fast - that's nice!  I get tired much faster then before.  My first pregnancy I worked my buns off full time and I would definitely get tired, but I feel like now I do an activity/day with Lucy and I am bed ridden for the rest of the day ha ha.  
25 weeks - definitely my favorite stage
I coasted from 17 weeks to about 30ish and then I hit a super uncomfortable stage where I didn't know if I was going to make it.  Once I hit 34 weeks though I was miraculously feeling great again & now I'm in a comfortable stage.  I will take it!  I had energy this week to clean & organize and we are pretty much ready for baby.  Of course we now wait 6 more weeks, but at least I feel ready for a moment.  
30 weeks - I was afraid it was all downhill from here

Last pregnancy I was so much better at exercising - this time I don't think my body knows what that is.  Last time I had lots of fun baby showers to make this time go by faster and this time most people can't remember when my due date is ha ha.  Last time I stared at my belly constantly and this time I'm running around and playing with my toddler so it takes a real kick to the ribs to remind me to stop and enjoy this baby's movements.  Last time I spent lots of money preparing a nursery and this time it's been awesome because the girl's will be sharing their room so my money is being saved!  Last time I was super self conscious about getting so big and this time I've been so much better about enjoying the pregnancy and just being happy about a growing baby and not worrying as much about my body - that's been nice.  I really can't complain about how uneventful things have been.  I pray the same story continues for delivery & postpartum days.  Now to go float in my happy place -- our pool!  
At 32 weeks & I should never wear something this tight again....I'm 35 weeks now so we'll see if I get enough energy to take a picture!

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