Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday, Father's Day, Gateway & Trax, Midway, & REAL

Another birthday snuck up on me this year, good thing I love birthdays!  We started off birthday week early because we'd be in St. George on my actual birthday.  We didn't have a cake, but we had a SmartOne frozen dessert to use and we had a number "2" candle from Bryce's birthday, but not a 3, so we improvised!  I was insistent that there was singing and candle blowing.  Bryce gave me my present that started out with milk duds, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles.  I thought that was very cute because we'd already given each other longboards for our birthdays...but then tucked in the bottom of the box was the white iPhone!  I didn't ask for it, I wasn't really dying to have it, but I was squealing from excitement.  It's a lot of fun!
Another birthday present was new eyeglasses as my eyes have started changing and clip-in extensions because I've ALWAYS wanted long hair!  My sister bought me a shirt and necklace from Express so I'm basically sporting all of these items in one picture :). 


I promise I try a little harder these days to look cool when we go longboarding!  Our favorite place to go is definitely Daybreak where the roads are wide, flat, and not much traffic.
My birthday continued with a party at my mom's with all of my favorite things and traditions.  I was born at 11:21 pm on the OR table to the song "Old Time Rock 'n Roll".  My mom remembers the staff changing shifts and ordering Domino's pizza right as I was about to be born. a result, every year we order Domino's and listen to Old time rock 'n roll at 11:21.  I usually hear from my dad and grandparents at that time as well.   It wouldn't be my birthday without cheesecake for dessert!  My mom is awesome for getting all of this organized for me, she's the best.  Plus, mom, Linds, and I had a fabulous dance party the rest of the night. :)
I forgot there was Dr. Pepper too!

Time for Father's Day on June 19!  My dad is the best, and yes I'm totally bias.  We have a pretty special bond and I feel very lucky we are so close.  We got to see him for a bit at a BBQ with some family and write him a card to tell him how much I love him!  Next we headed to see Bryce's dad and Bryce snapped a great yawning picture :)

I love seeing these kidlets!

Silly faces!  Please excuse the accidental immodesty...
Last but not least, we went to the Leishman's cabin in Midway where we BBQ'd and rode scooters all over town.  It was beautiful!  We stayed up late playing games and watching movies and really enjoyed sleeping in the next day.  We got ready to go the REAL game next and represented in the "Bagley" jerseys.  They played a great game and won!  We really like the Leishmans for always inviting us to do fun things.  We saw the midnight showing of Harry Potter with them last week and loved it!


  1. P.S. the necklaces were from Charlotte Russe. just sayin' haha but you look gorgeous in your pictures!!! I'm also glad you did NOT post the nostalgic dance to old time rock & roll.. That would have been embarrassing!!! Love you!

  2. Cool shirts! And the pictures of you with Luke are so cute! I am glad you had such a great birthday! Did you know that you were born on my due date :) Unfortunately for my mom I came 3 weeks ya!