Thursday, March 29, 2012

January Journal

January was jolly.  I was trying to think of a j word and that's all I could come up with ha ha.  After our New Year's getaway we were really strapped down with responsibilities.  Bryce started his 2nd to last semester and we both were busy with work.  On our day off we got together with our adorable nephews and sister to go to the aquarium to see the playful river otters!  

I was trying to get a picture of the otter swimming by but Logan saw the camera and did this.  He's been trained!

Looking at the penguins with my one and only

What we'd look like to a snake or something - I can't remember ha ha

The otters are three brothers and are super playful

Ice skating - We had a weekend and it was time for another groupon date.  We love those!  I'm sure we went to dinner before heading to the Gallivan center to go ice skating.  I hadn't been since they'd built the new rink and I was very impressed.  There's lights almost like you're at a club and music playing.  Great facility - good job Salt Lake!  We didn't even realize we'd been skating two hours before we checked the clock because we were so tired.  It was even better because it was such a warm evening that we ended up ditching our coats.  And the highlight of the evening - nobody fell!

Dad's birthday - My dear old dad had a birthday on January 25th.  He's reached 49!  Hard to believe he's almost 50.  He loves doing fun things with his family so he invited all of us to go out for dinner and bowling.  He even crammed in a jazz game for him and Susan after our activity.  We had a ton of fun, I was awful as usual, but I had a pink ball so at least there was some style going on.  The best part of the evening was when Bryce assumed he was the clear winner and Susan got a turkey in the 10th frame to beat him 150 to 149...there was some serious pressure and when she delivered it made the crowd go wild.  Nice job Sus!

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