Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ready for baby

I should probably write another post while I am still pregnant.  I won't ever have a "first pregnancy" again so this is probably a unique time.  My due date is Saturday - funny thing about due dates, it's not like the countdown to when you get married when you know there's a huge event happening that day and there are things planned.  It's like we thought okay that's my due date, let's not make any plans for a week before or week after and sit twittling our thumbs waiting for the "big" event ha ha.  Seriously we have nothing to do!  Everyone says to be ready and I even think I procrasinated most of the getting ready and we STILL ran out of things to do.  It's pretty comical at this point.  We overanalyze everything that my body is doing - Bryce pops out of bed if I even move at night and panics asking "Is it time??" ha ha.  It's hilarious.  We are obviously new to this.  But eventually a baby will be here and we are so so excited and love her so much!

The nursery is ready - you know the one that the baby doesn't even sleep in for a few months?  (Why didn't someone tell me it didn't have to be ready before she was born?)  Oh well, it was a lot of fun putting it together and it's fun to see it everyday and be excited.  Here's a few pics:

I'm still working full time which I'm grateful for sometimes - it has it's pros and cons.  It's making time pass by probably much faster than it would if I wasn't working.  I also work for an OB and midwife that take pity on me and I get to rest when my contractions pick up.  However I would love to be sleeping in right now and have some lazy days.  As well as I get tired in half the time I used to and I'm too tired to do anything once I get home.  Basically Lucy I'm ready when you are!      

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