Friday, May 31, 2013

The first month!

I CANNOT believe 4 weeks have gone by already since Lucy was born - especially when we haven't really done anything!  It's amazing how much she has changed - she has definitely come to life since we first brought her home!  This month she's had some adorable accomplishments...

-She focuses on mom and dad's faces
-She turns when she hears mom and dad's voices
-She lifts her head and looks back and forth when she's on her tummy
-She's started making "coo" sounds when she's excited - it's the cutest thing ever!
-She's gaining weight just like she should (At her 2 weeks check up she was 8 lbs 6 oz)
-She already had her first cold!  I hated watching her be sick, but she rallied through it
-She loves to be held and loves to lift her head up and arch her back when you try and burp her - she will not hold still!
-She likes her pacifier, but can live without it so far
-She sleeps about 3-4 hours at night between feedings, can't complain about that!
-She's a very laid back baby - she cries maybe a total of 5 minutes/day

Like I said we really haven't done much since Lucy came home.  We try to take small outings daily whether to the store, a restaurant, or walking to get the mail counts too :)  It's okay though - we are still getting the hang of things!  I'm sure there will be many more adventures to come.  I'm feeling great!  I sleep when Lucy sleeps so I really feel like I get to sleep a lot, even if it's only a few hours here and there.  Bryce works full time all day and then goes to full time school and has night classes at night.  He's our hero!  It's true that time does fly and Lucy is growing and changing before my eyes.  I've been enjoying every second!
Lucy had her newborn pictures when she was one week old - she did great!  This is one of my favorites...

Our little strawberry!  Back when she had jaundice - she had to have her bilirubin blood levels checked a couple of times (which I hated) but never needed any light therapy.  She just had the normal newborn jaundice it seemed

Love this face!  And her forehead dimple ha ha

Lucy's pirate face - she's saying "Arrrrrr matey" 
I'm in love with her bright eyes!

Her soft bunny she already likes

She loves her cousin Luke!  He is very sweet with her and extra careful

Her memorial day outfit!  The shoes lasted .2 seconds and then they were off with her karate kicks ha ha

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